These screensavers have been officially released by Astral Visuals. A lot more screensavers will be released in the future. We can make a screensaver version of any visual on the site.

Name Release date Screenshot Get the trial version Where to buy it
Crystal Morphs 2009-05-26 Try it here
Orchideic morph 2009-05-06 Try it here
Space Warper 2009-03-01 Try it here
Fog blob tunnel 2009-01-11 Try it here
Hypnotic Lotus 2006-03-03 Try it here
Magic Ellipses 2005-03-21 Try it here
Nuclear visions 2005-03-21 Try it here
Speed Ellipses 2005-03-10 Try it here

These screensavers were made with 2Flyer Screensaver Builder .